Healing Source Physical Therapy  

Integrative Manual Therapy

IMT is an advanced form of manual therapy that utilizes highly specific palpation techniques to identify dysfunction in the body and facilitate recovery.  While most physical therapy approaches are directed at developing compensations for dysfunction, IMT focuses on improving the underlying structural deficits in order to optimize physiology and function and thereby eliminate the need for compensation.  When the causative problem is eliminated, the constraints on
the body are removed and the opportunity for movement and function are restored naturally.  The gentleness of the techniques permits application in all ages and diagnoses without contraindication.  IMT is non-invasive and highly effective.

Manual Diagnositics
Through the sense of touch, the practitioner can identify subtle rhythms in the body that reflect the state of health or dysfunction of the tissue.  These rhythms are similar to feeling the pulse, which can give qualitative information about the function of the heart.  Interacting with these rhythms allows the practitioner to give feedback to the body which facilitates the body's ability to correct dysfunctional conditions.
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